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Are your plastics safe?

When the media reported on the presence of BPA in Polycarbonate bottles we were already switching our bottle line over to the revolutionary new BPA Free material Tritan™. In fact we were among the first in the industry to utilize this new material. We also manufacture in other BPA free materials such as Polypropylene and PCTG. Cool Gear does not manufacture any of our hydration bottles in materials such as PC (recycle #7) and PVC (recycle #3). Our entire line is BPA and Phthalates free. Please note that the number 7 recycle symbol includes many other plastics that do not fall into their own category. Our new copolyester named Tritan™, which is produced by Eastman Chemical is recycle #7, but is BPA free. As a company we are PVC free, which includes our packaging.

Is the freezer gel safe?

Yes, our freezer gel is non-toxic, and is compliant under the Code of Federal Regulations as well as the Federal Hazardous Substances Act. The freezer sticks should be washed by hand, and should not be placed in the microwave.

Should I remove the freezer stick from the cap before
placing it in the freezer?

Yes, the only components that should go in the freezer are the ones that contain freezer gel.  All other pieces should be stored elsewhere.

How do I remove the freezer stick from the cap?

On most of our water bottles, the freezer stick is held in place by the twist and lock feature – It just needs to be twisted a bit in one direction, and then pulled out of the cap collar.  It’s sometimes a bit tough to remove the first time.  Often times, wiggling it a bit as you’re pulling it out is helpful.
If you have a Pure Filtration bottle, those freezer sticks are threaded and just need to be twisted until they come out.

How long do I need to keep my freezer stick in the freezer in order for it to work?

We recommend leaving the freezer stick in the freezer for at least 4 hours before use.

How long can the freezer stick stay in the freezer?

The freezer stick can be stored in the freezer whenever you're not using it. There is no time limit.

How do I care for my ez-freeze pure® bottle?

Our line of ez-freeze pure® bottles feature a patented filter & freezer stick system. Cold filtered water flows easily through the built in straw. The bottle should not be tilted while drinking for best results. Filters up to 100 gallons (approximately 4+ months depending on usage). 2 Pack of replacement filters are available. Reduces chlorine taste and odor in tap water.

What is the dial on the bottom of the ez-freeze pure® lid for?

The dial on the bottom of your lid is to help you track the number of bottles you drink.  It can be manually adjusted each time you refill.

How long will your products keep contents cool/warm?

There are many factors that contribute to the length of time our products will keep the contents cool/warm, such as the temperature of the contents to begin with and the temperature of the room where the product is being stored.  For this reason, we do not set a time limit on any particular product.

What is your return policy for orders placed over the phone or on the Cool Gear web store?

Please return your items along with a letter of explanation and copy of your invoice to the address below:

Cool Gear International
Attn: Customer Service
10 Cordage Park Circle Suite 212
Plymouth MA 02360

Upon receipt of the package, a refund request will be forwarded to the proper department, and the refund will be processed as soon as possible.

Are there any products which should not be used in Go Gear travel tubes?

Go Gear is made from FDA approved Silicone and it is compatible with a wide range of products.
Our silicone is high grade but no material is completely invulnerable.
We do highly recommend that you test new products in the tube overnight just to confirm that there is no possible leakage. Leakage could occur from a combination of chemicals in a product which can cause the silicone to expand or shrink. Please contact Cool Gear immediately if you find an undesirable reaction in our tubes from your product.

Cool Gear stands behind our products. If Go Gear fails to meet expected performance through normal usage, please send an email to with a description of the type of failure and exact product used inside the Go Gear Tube. Cool Gear will send a replacement tube of similar size and color (if available) as a replacement.


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